Friday, October 06, 2006

Somebody's Eating My Raspberries!!!

Even snacks can be an opportunity for discovery!

This little caterpillar had been happily chowing down on a box of raspberries until he found himself under the lights of a stereo microscope. It was kind enough to arrive just as my granddaughters came for a visit. The video was taken with a Casio EX-P505 attached to a Premiere 10x stereo microscope with a Digi-T connector. The Digi-T does the job; but, it's difficult to align precisely... as you can see by the off-centered image.

What was important about this find was that my grandchildren, 6 and 4, instantly called for me to break out one of our microscopes so they could see the hitchhiker up close and personal. Timing is critical in encouraging exploration and inquisitiveness. Normally, finding a 'bug' in one's food isn't a cause for celebration. But, in this case, it became an opportunity to see an amazingly beautiful creature eating and doing a little exploring on its own.


Blogger BeckeyZ said...

THAT is so cool!!! My kids would have loved seeing that up close. In fact, I think I'll show them the video tomorrow as part of their lessons.

I got my son an "eye clops" video microscope for Christmas and I constantly have to replace the batteries for him.

Awesome video!

3:05 AM  

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