Friday, October 06, 2006

The Special Gift
The beginning of DiscoveryScopes

Perhaps most people remember that one special gift that they recieved that was prized above all others. For me it was a microscope.

It's wasn't a great microscope... just a simple toy made by Tasco. But, it was enough for me to begin discovering a world of tiny creatures and plants that I have never tired of exploring to this day, some 50 years later.

As a former elementary and junior high science teacher, I have never ceased enjoying watching children's excitement and enthusiasm for exploring nature's wonders. The love of discovery is there at an early age and with just a little bit of encouragement from parents, teachers and grandparents it will never fade.

As I begin this site, I'm experimenting with linking a digital camera to some microscopes. I hope to be able to provide better and better images as examples of some of the potential for discovery that microscopes provide. I also hope to use images and videos to explain to those that might wish to purchase a microscope what the options are and the strengths of various type of microscopes.

But, 'scopes' in the context of the pursposes of this site aren't just limited to microscopes. We'll also include magnifiers, binoculars, telescopes and digital cameras... anything that can help a child 'SEE' the marvelous world of the Creator.

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